The purpose of this blog is to supplement the book, “The Work Volume I – The Life of Benjamin Samuel Brasford”, as a way of filling in the gaps.  The book is short but part of a series.  It reads as a narrative style, with a mystical, metaphorical feel.  Due to some feedback from others who read the book, they all unanimously read it all the way through.  It is said to flow, some even stated, “like water.”


The life of Benjamin, entails a young man, born from a typical family that were religious, who grew up to face struggles that were different from the average person that had a similar upbringing.  The focal point of the book is the greatest challenge that B went through and how he was able to later flee his troubled time, and move on to a better time of his life.  So, this story is not about a drug dealer, a pimp, a thief, a womanizer, or a pedophile.  This story is about a relatively saintly young man who did the right things but still ended up in a tough and rough situation.  A life like his can humble even the haughtiest of people.  Sometimes when you obey societal, religious, and familial standards, your life can perhaps not turn out any better than the drug dealer, pimp, thief, womanizer or pedophile.  These character types were not listed and utilized in this typing as a means of judging them.  They are only mere examples.  Later, B moved on using what he learned in his past and continue moving forward in life as the observer and experiencer that he is. Essentially, Volume I is for those who began their church life topsy-turvy, though they still want to continue their relationship with God, may find this work somewhat inspirational.


In Volume II, more gaps will be filled in for Volume I, but it will include some of the disciplines that Benjamin learned along his journey, that caused him to capitalize on his ability to be an intellectual.  It will continue that narrative style flow in some places, while other places it will be more technical, and others more balanced between technical and narrative style flow.  Volume II will be a much larger work, and part fiction but very much scholarly with sources provided for the disciplines. The idea for Volume II was to present a work with little to no page turning, so many of the quotes are available on the same page while definitions to words are available at the bottom of the pages.  Volume II is essentially for those who after having been in church, at any capacity, for some time, begin to realize that maybe there is more information available than what they have come to know about.  Its purpose is not to weaken your faith.  It is to inform you so that you may take a more active role in your individual faith.  The work will also show a broader perspective of life and may open you up to new worlds altogether.  It is a book of exploration.  It is a book of learning.  Hence the title, “Transformation.”


The third volume of “The Work,” will entail a discussion on relationships with a focus on the marital and non-marital situation.  This discussion will seek to explain some of the reasons that led up to the current relationship landscape, some explanations of the current landscape, and finally some suggestions concerning where we might be headed.


The blog posts, on this site, will themselves expound upon different aspects as well as different time periods in Benjamin, or Ben, or B’s life.  Various subjects that are available in Volumes I and II will be taken, focused on, and expanded in these blog series.  Volume I is broad, Volume II is dense, while both get into detail that will not be included in these blog posts.  There are subsequent volumes in the works.


So, please read Volume I and this blog, pass this story along, and the gaps are there on purpose and will be filled in with Volume II of the book series and blog posts. To accompany Volumes II and III will be blogs, academic papers, and even tweets. Material to explain the current status of Volume III, some of which will be incorporated into the book from this blog, will also be displayed over time.  Much of the continual research will lead to a fourth volume, that will be a magnum opus work, taking on how B came to understand this world and what all shaped this environment.


Take this as a message from B,


“While our past does in a sense make us, we can to our advantage, use it to take us……”