Dealing with Dominant Personalities


              B often had a difficult time while being a member of the church, “Soul’s Last Stop”, when dealing with people who had dominant personality traits.  This was nothing new to him, since while growing up, he would come across these types quite often.  The issues that B had with these personality types consists of a broad range that if unchecked, left B feeling perplexed and often withdrawn.  One such issue that B had was that some of them always treated B like he was less than they were.  They had to have more knowledge, more wisdom, and more influence.  These personality types would often push their will onto B and since B trusted them, he would oblige them yet got little if anything in return.  They would bully him with their ideas and a person like B having a mild temperament, would find themselves having to learn over time to be confident within their own skin enough to either deal with these personalities a certain way, or choose to not deal with them at all.


                It didn’t matter if it was the leaders of the organization or if it were its parishioners, B would often come into mental conflict with these personality types.  In an ideal world, people would be okay with who they were and not try to make proselytes out of everyone else of themselves.  But this world is not that ideal world.  This world is based on other ideals.  The leaders of “Soul’s Last Stop” would often discount and not even consider even on the smallest scale, B’s ideas, thoughts, wishes.  After some time, B went into a shell and remained there for much of his tenor at “Soul’s Last Stop”.  Because of remaining in this shell, B would often be over criticized, humiliated privately and publicly for the most minute of things, laughed at, ridiculed and made the laughing stock among the males of this congregation.  B had faced physical bullying growing up.  This time he would face psychological and emotional bullying.  This, of course, did nothing in terms of positively affecting his relationship with his spouse Conflict, who stated that she needed a strong husband and father.  B was in no way ready for either role.


                After the two, B and Conflict, departed their membership from “Soul’s Last Stop”, B would encounter similar situations in later congregations.  It would take B years to learn that if things were not already complicated enough trying to have a family and he was still in the process of finding himself, they would remain and even get more complicated if he was going to continue in the church arena, moving from congregation to congregation.  Every dominant personality trait that B would encounter, were able to persuade B into coming within alignment with what they wanted.  Conflict would follow him down these rabbit holes for quite some time.  No matter how intelligent one might be, gullibility knows no bounds when your emotional state and ego in general are not where they need to be.

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